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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lab Work Update! October 24, 2011

Lab update! My viral load went down from 49,000 to 26,449 (again, I started from 200,000 after stopping the antiviral drugs). And my T-cells went from 845 to 787 (no biggie, they always flux from 700's to high 800's).

It was exciting to see my viral load the lowest I've seen it. I've taken a small break in search of another natural antiviral to help bring down my viral load even more. The Olive Leaf does a Hell of a job though! ~ But if anyone has suggestions of another natural antiviral "that has worked for them" speak up!

I've tried Coconut Oil & Oil of Oregano. They didn't work for me. But they did work for a friend. They brought him to undetectable! He did however take a lot.. lol.. If I can remember, it was 10 capsules of Coconut Oil 3 times a day. And I'm really not sure how much Oregano Oil. Maybe 5 to 7 capsules 3 times a day. Again, not sure on the Oil of Oregano.. But it was a lot.

Good quality Oil of Oregano is expensive. And in order to see your viral load drop you need to take a good amount of it. I guess I stopped taking it because of that reason. That and taking a large amount kills your Flora. There for you would then need to take a probiotic. ~ And there's another pill added to your regimen! lol

So that's my update. My next blood work results will be in 4 months (February 20, 2012). I'll probably start researching soon to find a second natural antiviral to add to my regimen. And again, if someone has a suggestion of something that has worked for them, let me know! :)

Here is my current regimen:

Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol Ultra Strength Powder: 3 grams in the a.m.

Vitamin C: 1000mg 3x's a day

ROEX Oleuropein: 1 gram in a.m., 500mg middle of day, and 500mg @ night

Multi-Vitamin: 1 in the a.m.


  1. I think you are on the right track. I have seen several comments and studies on Olive Leaf Extract. I also saw that Mark Konlee was suggesting a drink made with organic lemon's juice and vigin green olive oil (cold pressed):
    I also saw a French study on the boj leaf extract (Boxwood- Buxus sempervirens) (990 mg a day): , but it is a controlled plant in some countries.
    Also Selenium has shown some activity:

  2. I've read on all you've mentioned and actually the olive oil lemon juice drink is the very first thing I ever read about when I first began researching on natural supplements for HIV. And I've never really tried it! lol .. I love both and both are real good for you. But all that lemon juice might give me too much heartburn. :(

    And I make sure my multivitamin has 200 MCG Selenium in it, and I sometimes take an extra 250 MCG on its own later in the day.

    I began taking Hyssop this past weekend. I'll be posting my new regimen in a bit and explain why I added it.

  3. Great info Otterley...thanks..your methodic approach followed by your test results is valuable information! I've noted on Sahelian's site some mention of Hyssop..will be curious to see your results..
    Some other curious testimonials are with Humic/Fulvic Acid..though I have no experience so cannot confirm if it is real or selling hype...

    and this & other testimonials on LDN..(she is doing well, though her lab results aren't great?)

    I was searching for another but couldn't find it.

  4. Continued to eat healthy whole foods & fresh fruits run far away from process man made foods full of GMO's your body was made from the image of GOD almighty, please give it what it wants and the materials to rebuild it and heal it self. Glory be to Jesus, thank you for keep me and others alive