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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Adding Hyssop 11/3/11

I came across the herb Hyssop after Googling natural antiviral for HIV. And as my times as I've Googled that I had never came across Hyssop before.. lol.. I found some interesting articles. One in particular from

"Hyssop is a blood nourisher, an immune system strengthener, and possesses potent antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial activity. Cornell/NCI researchers think that hyssop may be useful in the treatment of patients with AIDS.

Several years ago, a young woman was admitted to a hospital with severe AIDS symptoms. She was not expected to live. Her story, interwoven with that of hyssop follows: She had "disseminated Kaposi's sarcoma, was partially blind from disseminated CMV, and suffered from extensive oral and vaginal candidiasis, oral herpes infection, and chronic draining ulcers on her lower extremities." Her blood was found to have MAI (Mycobacterium avium intracellularae) and her urine tested positive for CMV. Doctors expected that she would soon die so they sent her home. However, follow-up of the patient 6 months later showed that her lesions had "improved significantly," her blood tests were negative for MAI, she could walk and move around more, and in general, she felt much better. Upon questioning, the patient's mother revealed that "for the previous month, the patient had been given an old Jamaican herbal remedy which was prepared in the form of a tea by boiling a mixture of leaves from hyssop officinalis, blessed thistle, and cassia augustifolia."

Researchers tested the herbs and found that crude extracts of Cassia augustifolia had minimal or no anti-HIV activity, blessed thistle extracts had only "minimal" antiviral effects, but crude extracts of hyssop inhibited HIV replication by 77 to 100%. Further analysis revealed that one of the antiviral compounds in hyssop was caffeic acid, a compound that showed strong antiviral activity.

Treatment of HIV-infected cells with caffeic acid resulted in reduced levels of p24 and p17 antigens, reduced the formation of giant clumps of infected cells, and impaired the activity of the essential retroviral enzyme RT (reverse transcriptase). Caffeic acid was previously shown to have anti-herpes activity in laboratory tests. When caffeic acid reacts with oxygen and becomes oxidized, several beneficial products may form. Researchers think that the action between oxygen and other compounds found in hyssop may also play a role in this plant's strong anti-viral activity."

My current regimen with Hyssop added 11/3/11:

Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol Ultra Strength Powder: 3 grams in the a.m.

Vitamin C: 1000mg 3x's a day

Hyssop (Nature's Way): 1,335mg (3 capsules) 3x's a day

ROEX Oleuropein: 1 gram in a.m., 750mg middle of day, and 750mg @ night

Multi-Vitamin: 1 in the a.m.

My next lab work results will be February 20, 2012.