My Primitive Cocktail is a place to discuss alternative treatments for HIV. I support those who only use "Western" medicine but wanted to share natural solutions that have worked for me. I encourage others to share their success stories with natural treatments including natural supplements, nutrition, acupuncture, Reike, etc. I want this blog to be a solution-focused site so please refrain from negative comments. We each have our own path.

Monday, August 1, 2011

After reading up a bit more on the supplement Osteo Bi-Flex I'm currently taking, I might decide to stop. There is some controversy about whether it messes with your sugar levels. And that's something I do not wanna mess with...

Years back when I was on my med's I would be at the gym & start to feel real shaky, faint, and nauseous. I got a bit scared & asked my doctor for a glucose test. Ended up I was fine... But still scared me.. And it's around that time I decided to stop my med's.. (The Glucose test sucked ass by the way!!) ~

Anyway, for some reason I decided to read up on Glucosamine a bit more and found one article saying "Glucosamine may have an effect on your blood sugar. It may decrease insulin productions and cause a change in your blood sugar level.".....

And another saying "There has been some small studies in rats showing glucosamine can impair insulin resistance. One study showed that this did not occur in diabetic rats, just the normal ones." .......

I had read other articles of people saying they had no problems. But the key thing I'm picking out is that glucosamine might impair insulin resistance... That's just something I don't wanna take a chance with.. And it was one of the main reasons why I stopped taking the med's!... (Diabetes was just one of many possible side effects listed when taking Trizivir.)

Something else I'll be changing with my regimen is the intake of NAC. In hopes to reduce my viral load, I'll be increasing to 600mg 3 times a day. I had found an article stating "A total of 1800 to 2000 mg. per day in 3 doses of 600 mg. or 4 doses of 500 mg a day of NAC on an empty stomach will benefit your immune system and suppress viral activity. Absorption rates are greater for most amino acids when taken on an empty stomach. This may be true for NAC as well. Take it on an empty stomach with either water or fruit juice (the sugar in the juice enhances absorption). It is also recommended that three times as much vitamin C should be taken at the same time to prevent these amino acids (NAC) from being oxidized in the body."

So my new regimen will be the following:

Jarrow Formulas N-A-C sustain: 1 capsule of 600mg  3x a day

ROEX Oleuropein: 1 gram in a.m., 500mg middle of day, and 500mg @ night

Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol Ultra Strength Powder: 3 grams 2x's a day

Vitamin Shoppe Liquid Vitamin D3: 5000IU 1x a day

Vitamin C: 1000mg (2-stage, timed release) 3x's a day


Again, I want to encourage others to comment. Share your success stories, thoughts, questions, etc...


  1. You know I see your concerns about western medicine. I think you have done a wonderful job researching and adapting, although as a nurse it would worry me that you don't take any form of western medication. My partner did the same thing when there were no meds available and his friends were dying all around him. He is a long term survivor from this malicious disease and I really am happy for the medications that are available...why not talk about some new medications and your regimen. They are really coming ahead with the stuff. I know you are trying to be homeopathic, but there are alternatives to the drugs you had issues with. I admire you, and think you are doing what you need to do, but keep in mind that if you did both you might come out totally ahead. The 80s was an awful time, life is short enough. But I realize we all have to take care of ourselves the way we want. I hate my blood pressure meds, but I don't want a stroke. Keep up the blog and take good care. Bruce Dawson

  2. Thanks so much for your post & concerns. :) ... But yeah, this is the path I've taken. Although I'm not dumb about it all. If my numbers began to drop I would definitely begin a drug cocktail.

    I told my partner at lunch after my results "I would rather be on a natural regimen and deal with the 3 days of stress I get before my results than to be on a cocktail and deal with the DAILY stress of the possible side effects it might be causing."

    I hope maybe you can learn something from my post's & pass them on to your partner! Again thanks, and you both take care :)

  3. Stay healthy eat well - run far away from process foods instead eat fresh fruits and whole food