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Monday, January 28, 2013

Update! 1.28.13

About 5 months back I felt like a got a fast Flu.. Night sweats, achy, & itchy.. I had thought maybe I was having a Herpes outbreak because I was itchy.. But I didn't remember EVER being that itchy. So I began taking L-Lysine. It did take the itchy away.. But to make a long story short, they found my liver enzymes to be raised. A lot!.. It went down after I stopped the L-Lysine, but still elevated.. (I'm not sure if it was elevated before the L-Lysine.)

So for the last 4-5 months I've dealt with Hepatitis like symptoms. Last week my blood work said I didn't have Hepatitis B or C, and I had Hep A many years back. As for Hep B, I was vaccinated 12 years back... Funny thing, after she told me I didn't have Hepatitis (which I was sold I did) my symptoms went away.. lol

Anyway, my last blood work showed great for about everything. Testosterone, Vitamin D, Sugars, and no extra diseases.. and my Viral went from 200,000 (my viral had gone up when I was feeling all Hep'ish) down to 123,000.. As for my T-cells, they messed up & didn't draw it so I don't know.. last test I was at 500 T-cells.. Which is the lowest I've ever been...

I am ready to begin a cocktail if it proceeds to get any lower than 500. I'm comfortable and mentally good with it.. I would take it for whatever amount of time it takes for me to see better numbers.. and at some point (after a year or so) go back to natural. 

I go back in 10 weeks to see the results of my T-cells & Liver enzymes.

And OH YEAH! I've reduced down on my Olive Leaf from 3 grams a day to 500mg in the a.m. & 500mg in the p.m.. And added Milk Thistle twice a day... I have stopped everything else.. hoping to bring my Liver enzymes down. ~ also began juicing vegetables as well to help cleanse...


  1. May I know why you reduce the dosage of OLE if it is effective in reducing your Viral Load? Is it because of the raised enzymes? What happen to all your other supplements that you had decided to put them aside?

  2. I still feel you should give the neem another chance before you restart on any antiviral medication.

  3. I discovered your site as well as two other bloggers last December 2012.
    I was on CS and i quit that, all result i experienced was a low on cd4.
    Iam now taking olive leaf extract. To be price Barleans Australian Olive Leaf Complex (, a tablespoon at the morning.. It says it has 105mg wich out of that it has 66mg of Oleuprein standarized. Does that sound fair?

    Here I shared with the world my CS testimony and a link of your site and two other guys that are following olive leaf also.

    BTW.. i applaud you on taking for reference 500 as a nice number for a cd4 count.. and yes indeed it sounds you are doing very well. My goal is also to be at 500 or more without medication. Iam at 400 now.. I was at 550 6 months ago. I was diagnosed 6 months ago.

    Any feedback is welcome

    aflexzor at

  4. Here is the link to my CS testimony:

  5. Have you heard of SAM-E? Pronounced "sammy." It is an antioxidant and is a potent liver detoxicant.

    1. Thanks! I'm about to post an update. I began taking Vit E & it brought my enzymes back to normal. Thanks so much though :-)