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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 9, 2012

So I went for my 6 week follow up on Monday and there was improvement! My Tcells went up from 617 to 638, and my viral load went from 184,000 (yeah, thought it was only 100,000) down to 68,000. So ~ awesome :) ...
I find it a bit interesting. Right before I had my Colonoscopy/Endoscopy few months back, I had the best lab results ever since being on an herbal regimen. My Tcells being 845 and my viral load at 26,449. And I have been pretty steady these past 5 years with my numbers. Tcells ranging between mid 800's to 600's, and my viral between 50,000 to 26,000. Then my labs after my Colonoscopy/Endoscopy were crazy. My viral load shot up to 184,000 & Tcells down to 617!?...
So I wonder.. Having read that the "large intestine is the major viral reservoir and site of persistence" for HIV, I wonder if the Colonoscopy stirred shit up (no pun intended;~) .. If not that, was it the anesthesia?.. Who knows... I'll now try to get my numbers back in check, and better than before! :) ... 
Something to add to my story. My appointment was at 2:15pm and I didn't get into the little room til 3:30!! Then 15 minutes later I saw the intern (who I remembered from years back/she's sweet). She said "You look great! and was interested in what herbs I was taking.. ~ And she didn't poo poo it. Thought that was awesome. 
Then my doctor comes in to go over everything. She proceeds to tell me she just came back from a seminar & they are now telling the doctors to put everyone positive on a cocktail. Where your numbers are at doesn't matter anymore. The reason being they've done studies on people with HIV that have never been treated and the disease ages the body internally more than people who were treated. She then ask's "How old are you?".. I said "I'm 40", she quickly say's "Then your 60..." lol
I proceed to tell her "I agree I'm 60.. But I'm sorry, if anything has aged me it was the cocktail you had me on for 7 years. While on the cocktail I had odd scary feelings of my sugars being messed with and nausea ~  and, now my joints are bad." She said "well we have better and more mild cocktails now. We've advanced a lot in the past few years.." ... I'm sure they have, but I have no doubt that treating myself with herbal supplementation is a better outcome than some drug that could make me diabetic, give me kidney & liver failure, and advance my lipodystrophy. 
And I mentioned I've started back to juicing every morning. I said "I juice carrots, ginger, turmeric, kale, etc.".. She's like " I never knew how much juicing is good for you until recently!". I'm thinking "Really?.... Really? You never knew that?". And I then went on about all the antiviral vegetables like Dandelion, etc.. They were like "oh really!?".. ~ Good Lord... 
And this study..?... I would like to read it. I have no doubt that HIV ages the body internally when it's left to go rampant. But I also have no doubt the drugs age the body more & faster.... Aaaaahh.. Anyway, we all have our path & this is mine. And I feel good about it still.
My next appointment with lab work is August 6th. So in the mean time I think I might start trying Antiviral Enemas that I've been reading on. And I'll also switch up my regimen (listed below). 
Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol Ultra Strength Powder: 3 grams in the a.m.
Vitamin C 2000mg time released:  2x's a day

Phyllanthus Complex (2 capsules consists of Phyllanthus Amarus 200mg, Milk Thistle 200mg, & Dandelion Root 200mg):  (4 capsules) 3x's a day
Hyssop (Nature's Way):  (4 capsules) 3x's a day = 6 grams
ROEX Oleuropein: 1 gram in a.m., 1 gram in middle of day, and 1 gram at night
Multi-Vitamin: 1 in the a.m.


  1. Hi. Im of Middle eastern culture and have an extreme interest in the HIV hypothesis.

    I have been reading through your blog and have found it quite interesting.

    One thing i would like to point out is the efficacy of taking capsuled or tablet herbs and supplements. If you research thoroughly into how the specific herbs were taken, it was always in a decoction /tea or liquid based.

    Have you thought about purchasing whole olive leafs (very cheap) boiling them for about 2 minutes, letting them sit for about 10 minutes, and then drinking the liquid? Try it please and let me know if it makes a difference to your viral load.

    Other herbs that might be of interest to you include elderberry's. Not the flowers, but the actual berries. There is a supplement called sambucol which is a fine extract of elderberries, and it is known and proven to reduce flu/cold symptoms in as little as two days.

    Neem - a very potent proven antifungal and also very cheap, in tea form. it is, in ayurvedic culture, proven to be a antiviral. please try it if you get a chance. But please try it in a loose powder tea form.

    Cinnamon - again, try organic ground cinnamon, place a teaspoon in a cup, add boiled water, let sit for 5 minutes and drink it.

    Please try these methods if you get a chance and report back. I would be extremely interested to hear if it has made a difference to your viral load.

    Good luck and my prayers are with you.

    1. Thanks for writing! :) .... It's kinda funny that you asked about boiling olive leaves to make tea & drink. This past week I was at a Greek Restuarant a block away from my studio & they serve olives as an appetizer. I really don't like olives, but I would pick one out to cut up & nibble on with my meal. I noticed one still had a stem & a leaf still attached. And the thought came to me about ordering some to make tea. So yeah, I might just research where to buy them & give it a try! :)

      As for the Elderberry & Cinnamon , I have tried them in the past & didn't notice any difference in my viral load. Well, I didn't really give cinnamon a good chance. But honestly, I sit & watch TV at night & eat a cinnamon stick or two. I use to bring cinnamon sticks to school growing up & eat them in class :) .. And Neem I haven't tried yet!... If I don't see any extra lowering of my viral load on my next labs I'll definitely give Neem a shot. Right now I'm trying Hyssop & Phyllanthus after reading articles of them lowering viral loads.

      Thanks again for writing.. And I'll be trying Olive Leaf tea if I can find where to buy them :)

  2. Hey it's me again!

    Organic olive leaf is very cheap to buy. You can pick up a packet from ebay (in the Uk) for about £3.99.

    It's the same with neem. Here is a link to some neem research regarding HIV and std's in general:

    Have a browse. It is quite interesting information.

    Did you ever try cinnamon in Tea form? You can buy organic ground cinnamon from most supermarkets. You only require a teaspoon per cup. It is quite powerful tasting. But please do try if you get a chance. I would be very interested to hear if it does make a difference to your viral load..

    Good luck.

    1. I actually just received today my order from . I had ordered all organic Olive leaves, Neem leaves, Maitake mushroom, ground Cinnamon, and Hyssop leaves to make tea with. I have to say I am a bit nervous to switch to tea. I know the Roex Olive Leaf supplement I am using really works. I think what I'll do is drink the tea in the a.m. & p.m., and take my ROEX Olive Leaf, Hyssop, and Phyllanthus in the middle of the day.

      It would be awesome if drinking tea would work the same as the supplements, and if not better. The Olive Leaf was $2.99 for a 2oz. Bag!.. That makes a lot of tea! ~ 1 teaspoon is about 2 grams. I was taking 3 grams of Olive Leaf a day. The ROEX brand was like $42 a bottle and only last's less than one month.

  3. congrats on those improved #s. I am looking forward to your
    0 load reading. The answers are out there. and thanks for the information!

  4. in addition, the comment by the doctor about the virus aging the body, is general information...I wish they could be more time we will know more on how it does this...diabetes does as well...but by controlling ones diet/insulin one can avoid these negative changes..perhaps the same is true for HIV. For instance those who reduced their carbohydrate intake showed a significant decrease in lypodystrophy symptoms. Keep on top of it Otterley it takes more work to go the non drug route but it may prove more beneficial..since I am seeing worse #s from some who are on meds.

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I'm always staying on it. Always researching and reading up on everything. And it seems my blog is finally pulling in the people, comments, and discussions I was hoping for.

      And yeah, I know my numbers for being off drugs for 5 years aren't bad compared to others I know on drugs too. My ex-boyfriend was on different cocktails and couldn't really get his viral undetectable, & his Tcells always stayed around 400. Everyone's situation with HIV is so different than another's.

  5. Hey it's me again.. Call me Arcane!

    I just wanted to tell you the method of brewing the tea's.

    Regarding the olive leaf, get a few leaves and place them in a saucepan. Bring to the boil, until you literally see them boil, and then take them off the heat and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Olive leaf tea has a extremely faint light taste.

    Regarding neem and cinnamon.. Place the powder in a cup and just pour boiled water into it and stir and let sit for 5 - 10 minutes, and drink. Neem has an awful bitter taste.. My only advice is to try your best to stomach it! I use to hate it and now I am a neem fanatic!

    Good luck once again buddy. Am rooting for you x

    1. Thanks Arcane :) .. Here's how I've been making my tea in the a.m. & p.m. (in the middle of the day at work I take my capsule form). I take a teaspoon of Neem, tsp of Olive Leaf, tsp of Hyssop, a small chunk of Maitake, & some Cinnamon in my 2oz tea brewer cup I bought from Teavana. Then add boiling water & let it sit for 30min. Then drink it. Yes, the Neem is a bit bitter. but no biggie at all.

      I've been trying to find articles on which one is more potent. Pill form or tea? What I have read is pretty much saying tea. I was taking 4 capsules of Olive Leaf before, and that was 1gram at 17%-23% Oleuropein. The leaves I bought are organic & already dried & ground (not finely though). I was told by the company 1tsp is about 2 grams.... Now ~ when I make tea from the 2 grams, am I really ingesting 2 grams worth of Oleuropein? and at what percentage?

      OK!! I just talked to the company I ordered from. They told me to get the 17-23% Oleuropein front he tea would be about a Tablespoon roughly. So... Guess that's what I'll start doing.

      Also Arcane, for what reason do you take Neem if I may ask?

  6. Arcane here..

    I take neem just for general immune system purposes every so often. It cleanses the blood and is good for the skin. I do not take it everyday, just every so often.

    In Ayurvedic medicine it is considered a cooling herb, so if you are someone who generally has a lot of ''heat'' it is safe to consume it regularly.

    In the UK, there is actually a pharmaceutical patent placed on neem for it's topical anti fungal properties, that is what makes the oil so precious. I have given it to numerous relatives of mine who either suffer from toenail infections through to jock itch! and it works wonders.

    How are you getting on by the way? Make sure you are drinking loads of water!

    1. I'm well thanks Arcane :) .... All I ever drink is either water or tea... So I'm good there..

      I've been brewing/drinking my tea (1 tablespoon each of Hyssop, Neem, & Olive Leaf in 2 cups of water 3 times daily) along with my regimen of capsule supplements.

      I do feel it's helped with inflammation in my joints actually. And when I first started I broke out a small touch (zit on the back of my head/ I never get zitty really lol). That was the tea pushing everything out probably.

      My next check up is in August, so I won't know if the tea is doing anything to lower my viral. I would imagine it is. ~ We shall see!

  7. Been thinking quite a bit about Neem and having read some of the reports it sounds like a pretty good candidate to kick shit out of hiv. I am currently using home made cannabis oil to treat a relative for prostate cancer and its making a difference to his blood after just 1mth. The idea came from the youtube video run from the cure by Rick Simpson. Rick uses alcohol to extract the potent chemicals and THC from the cannabis plant then evaporates the alcohol leaving only the most potent medicinal parts of the plant as a thick brown oil. The patent then uses up to 1 gram of this oil (divided into 4 doses) throughout the day over a 3-4mth period. The results have been pretty amazing and there are more people coming forward with success stories. My thought is.... why not use the same process to extract the active compounds in neem leaf and use a similer dosage to try and kick shit out of hiv.

    1. Thanks for writing.. That's great about your relative! I'll see how the tea works 1st, and if my blood work doesn't show any difference I'll try the extract method :) .. But I really appreciate you writing, thanks so much....

  8. Hi its Arcane

    Any update? Progress?

    1. I had to change the doctor's visit to get my result to next Monday... I'll be curious to see... these past 2 months I feel like my immune is funky & off :-/ ...... I've had a lot of stress... Between a break-up & my new business about to launch ~ anyway... we'll see... cross your fingers.

  9. My fingers are crossed. I really and truly hope it has made some sort of a difference. I have some other potential herbal candidates in mind if youre up for trying them.


  10. Any update buddy? The suspense is killing me!

    1. Sorry!! It's been a crazy week... I've been meaning to write. ~ Because of having to fast for my cholesterol test with my blood work I never like to go by that reading.. My Tcells went from 638 to 596. Not TO bad but still not happy bout that.. And my Viral went from 68,000 to 120,443 .... :( ..... Again, when I'm fasting I don't take my regimen so it doesn't interfere.. So that's that..

      My blood pressure was the highest I had ever seen it that day... that's what scared me the most.. So that whole week I tried to chill & change things up.. The following week I went back to acupuncture & my blood pressure was perfect.. The blood pressure in the office might had been white coat syndrome?.. lol

      I'll be getting my blood taken again Friday afternoon just to check my numbers to see how my regimen really reads.. I haven't been doing the Neem tea honestly.. I'm not sure I can keep up with the tea thing every day.. Because I've been trying to keep up the vegetable juicing.. I feel that is more important.. And I just can't be here at home juicing & drinking tea.. I did for a little while.. but it get's to be stressful to keep it up!.. lol... but I did add Oil of Oregano 6 pills a day..

      Anyway, I'm trying to get everything under control. I'm starting a new business this coming month. Ended a 2 1/2 year relationship recently (that's been hard..).. Helping my mother with doctor visits & dealing with her moods that stress me out.. Anyway, I'm doing my best.. hope my numbers improve this time.. September 4th is my next appointment... talk with ya then!

  11. Sorry to hear about that buddy. Here was me hoping that your viral load would have gone down substantially! :(

    Fingers crossed for your next appointment

  12. Hi Otterly, Some things that might get you better #'s.
    1. AHCC, expensive but quite effective for T cells..(popular in Japan for cancer) iHerb has a good value for the Jarrow brand.
    2. Blend of essential oils, Thyme, Cinnamon, Rosemary,or the Thieves formula, rub on feet with iodine....
    Do the essential oil occasionally.
    3. A good daily (good hydrating) tea...a mixture of Rooibos, peppermint...Rooibos has some anti-hiv could add Catuaba Bark another known anti HIV herb.
    I humbly put this forth as may having an I use these to generally feel better when run down. cheers of fortune on your next tests!

    1. Thanks Tom.. I'm not sure what my numbers will be, but I'm feeling the best I have in a good while.. Like I said.. Last month or two I was feeling real out of whack. (Again, I was going through stress from my relationship break-up & starting my new business..)

      What I've been doing is juicing fresh vegetables, eating a clove of Garlic twice a day (yes, I cut it some, chew & swallow with water/ I love Garlic so it doesn't bother me:), I've started drinking my IP-6 w/ Inisitol in the a.m. and p.m., rather than just in the a.m., I started taking a B-Complex for stress twice a day, I started taking Gaia's Oil of Oregano 3 pill's 3x's a day, and of course my Olive Leaf 3 grams a day.. ... So like I said... I'm feeling like my old self again.. I'll be letting you know what my numbers are next Tuesday :)

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    1. I received the email of your post... I'm not sure where it went on my blog. Did you remove it?... anyway.. Thanks for the info!! :)

  14. Hello Otterley,
    I have just come across this piece of information that could be useful to you: "Vitamin C activates Natural Killer cell function if used in a high dose (5000 to 10,000 mg) 3 days per week only. When used daily, the body creates an enzyme to inactivate the Vitamin C rendering it ineffective." I don't know if that's so and I feel I cannot elaborate on this at the moment but I found the article itself where I got this 'piece of news'from, quite interesting.

  15. Sorry for that,
    I removed my first post; it was poorly written. :o)